2012 Email Newsletter Report Card

Ever wonder how your newsletter is doing? Or how it compares with other newsletters out there? It's healthy to have a periodic checkup to see where you are.

We'll review your newsletter analytics from 2012 and will provide you with a detailed infographic about your newsletter as well as insights into how you can improve your stats.

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How do I find my API key?

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What about privacy?

We keep all of your information confidential. After we generate your infographic, WE won't share your data or infographic with others. But, if YOU choose to, you'll be able to share your infographic with others. We're adding a no-index tag on the infographics so that they are not searchable in Google. We also do not do anything (e.g. touch/store/manipulate/share/etc) with your subscribers' email addresses.

Is this free?


Then, what do you get out of doing this?

Frankly, publicity. We would love for you to join our newsletterdirectory.co

I still have questions!

Feel free to email us at hello@newsletterdirectory.co with any other questions you have!

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